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The San Cayetano Agricultural Processing Company (S.A.T. San Cayetano) was officially incorporated on 27 October 1975, bringing together 10 farmers from the municipal district of Torre Pacheco (Murcia) and an initial production of 764 Tm.
Three decades later, the company has become an international reference in fruit and vegetable produce of the highest food quality and safety, whose main product is the pepper.

The evolution of S.A.T. San Cayetano has been spectacular; it currently has 141 members, 2,188 hectares under cultivation and a marketing turnover of 78,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, and an annual invoicing figure of around €35M.

The concentration of the offer is one of the objectives that SAT San Cayetano has set itself since its foundation. As a consequence, the company is classified as OPFH in 1987 with number 43.
In keeping with this, the firm has been part of the Grupo Hortiberia, S.A. export consortium for five years, of which it is a founding partner


We currently have a fruit and vegetable center located in the hamlet of San Cayetano, in the municipality of San Javier, and which has the following characteristics:

Deck Ship

12.000 m2

Social Area

820 m2


650 m2


7.000 m2

Heated discharge

2.400 m2


11.000 m2

Expansion Area

22.000 m2

Cold Rooms

13.480 m2 3.200 pallets

In addition, we are finishing the construction of an additional adjacent warehouse for the handling of ecological products, which will be put into operation from the year 2022. The investment is close to 3 million euros and it will mean about 4,000 square meters more of amplitude and will have four cold rooms, two for the product coming from the field and another two for the prepared and ready for delivery. An electronic calibrator will also be acquired, the only use of which will be for this type of product.


Regarding the destinations of our production, exports are the basic commercial pillar of San Cayetano, since, of the 70,000 tons sold, 75 percent, go to more than a dozen European countries, such as: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Norway.

Likewise, the national market also represents a notable share, although it does not reach the levels of what was transferred to previous countries.

Partner Companies


Grupo Hortiberia

Was founded in 2001 by the union of eight producers from the Region of Murcia, with the intention of marketing its products and the vocation to offer its customers the best service and quality.
The development of common projects, leading bets on production and consumer conquest through the company’s flagship keys: QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY, are values that our partners contribute to the Group from their extensive experience as producers and exporters.


Citrusgen S.L.

With a clear vocation of Research, Development and Innovation, Citrusgen is born of the union of producing companies, exporters, nurseries and the own Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia. Its corporate purpose clearly shows the intentionality of this company: development and technical-scientific research for the acquisition of plant species and commercial exploitation of patents, trademarks and any other Industrial Property rights.
Therefore, it is a company with DNA in I+ D+i, fruit of the restlessness of those who do not conform to what they have today and want to make the vanguard a business way of life.


CDTA El Mirador S. COOP.

The Center for Demostration and Agrarian Transfer El Mirador was born from the hand of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Region of Murcia and is formed by the companies Gregal S. Coop., Hortamira S.C.L. And the SAT San Cayetano. With a clearly researching vocation, the CDTA El Mirador has its focus mainly on the “transfer” to the farmers partners of the 3 companies.
This field of rehearsals is the mirror from which our farmers pose the new challenges and the most avant-garde advances, not only in regard to varieties, but also in everything related to farming and agronomy systems, with the That are not chimeras, but of experiences that have a transfer to our partners.

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